Declaration by the Health Table in the closure of the Civil Society’s Forum

Abr 10, 2015

In the framework of the Civil Society’s Forum of the 7th Summit of the Americas, the HEALTH working party, made up by members from 16 countries, has agreed to pass the following RECOMMENDATIONS to the Heads of State:

The Civil Society DENOUNCES that there is a high rate of people without acess to the basic health care. We CLAIM for respect to health as an inalienable human right and the State’s responsibility for guaranteeing equal and free access to the health care, without any discrimination, based on the preventive medicine and the community’s  welfare, and safe treatment to guarantee health quality respecting intercultural  trends and protecting vulnerable groups.

We DEMAND openness in the state management of financial resources destined to health and the consultancy with the society about their planning, use, management and results. This will be made through the implementation of a monitoring and evaluating system which allows measuring the compliance with the basic indicators and advances.

STRENGTHENING multi-sector and interdisciplinary international cooperation in emergency situations, disasters, epidemic outbreaks, and the general attention to the whole population, promoting the organized participation of the Civil Society.

GUARANTEE of access to sex and reproductive health care focusing on the people’s rights.

GIVING PRIORITY to the comprehensive health protection of water resources.

GUARANTEE of universal access to drinking water and the protection of water resources by the state.

We RECOMMEND that measures to avoid the smuggling of medicine which puts the people’s health at a risk be applied by the states.

Because of this we ask the states to deliver a report on the advances in health and on these RECOMMENDATIONS in the next Summit.