Venezuelan state legislature condemns US blockade against Cuba

Oct 24, 2022

Venezuelan state legislature condemns US blockade against Cuba

By: Ileana Ferrer Fonte

The Municipal Council of Carirubana, in the state of Falcon, in western Venezuela, agreed to express solidarity to the Cuban people and condemn the United States economic blockade against the Caribbean island, according to reports from Caracas on Sunday.

At the ordinary session held on Tuesday, October 18, the legislative body rejected “the hostile and inhumane attitude” adopted by the Government of the United States to continue its “merciless and criminal” economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

It also objected to the enforcement of “unconventional, improper, and unacceptable” measures against the economy of the Cuban people.

The text stated that the blockade expresses the historic inability of US administrations to accept Cuba as an independent, respected nation, recognized by all countries worldwide, according to International Law, to exercise its sovereignty and free self-determination.

“We reject the measures that violate human and economic rights, and self-determination of peoples, executed by the United States in a coercive manner “increasingly against the heroic Cuban people,” the document stressed.

The legislature agreed to join all efforts made by social movements, popular and political organizations, and Cuba solidarity groups, so the “urgent need” for lifting the blockade and the unilateral sanctions is once again raised in a single voice at the United Nations.

The resolution, signed by Councilor Sabrina Daniela Leal and Municipal Secretary Marco Osteicoechea, recalled that this punitive policy implemented by the United States and its allies against the “brotherly Cuban people” has been in force for more than 60 years.

The Municipal Legislative Council agreed to give the widest dissemination from Carirubana to this agreement to make the unity of the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba visible in solidarity, brotherhood, and permanent friendship.